The Assassins Guild

The Assassins Guild is a ruthless society of assassins led by “The Father” Alto Salyiit, a cold and seasoned killer.


The Assassins Guild work in groups of one or two agents. All hits are sent through the highest leader, Alto “The Father”, and vertified before being passed on to a lower ranking individual tasked to carry out the hit.


The Assassins Guild was once a great society of freeworking assassins working through small cells stationed across the land. This all ceased when a young assassin named Alto Salyiit claimed the title “The Father” and proclaimed himself leader of all assassins. He then pursued and either converted or got rid of the remaining agents of the old guild. He then rebuilt the guild with himself as a forefigure and leader. There are vague rumors of remaining assassins grouping up in smaller guilds, but they are no match for Alto’s immense numbers.

The Assassins Guild

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