Article 4

Glorious victory in the War On Crime.

Bypassers on the highway were witness to a brutal standoff between the police and The Bloodfists.

Yesterday members of the public reported having seen the vehicle Gamle Grimgor moving away from Los Imulus at breakneck speed, plowing down innocent civilians on their rampage out of town.
The police task force responded immediately with military might, and the intention of taking them down with a fell swoop. This operation was highly successful, with “little to no casualties” according to the police spokesperson who held the press briefing.
‘’Details of the operation will made public as we debrief our officers, but for now we can say that we award High General1 Bob with the greatest medals of honor and courage that our nation can provide.’’

All of the weapons stolen earlier that day were recovered as all of the vehicles present at the break in were at the scene and loaded with military supplies.

Four of the suspected mass murderers were killed in the daring raid as they attempted to resist arrest, while another four surrendered after trying to flee the scene.
The four hardened criminals captured were, Vincent Kensing, Robert Porkstocks, Nia Littlefield, and Harold Harris.

A random victim of the Bloodfist’s reckless driving, Joshua Michaelton was awarded a £50.000 award for giving the tip that lead to the gang’s final demise less than 24 hours after their heist.

The leader of the group, Karnakk Bloodfist was valiantly disposed of in single combat by high general Bob, who has yet to be seen after the heroic act.

1 Self appointed title as the leader of O3CT.

Article 4

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