Bloodfist's rampage

The Heist

The Bloodfists were tasked to go to the military facility 30 minutes from The Marauders’ hideout and bring back weapons of many kinds. They brought Gamle Grimgor and 5 more trucks. On the way to the military facility they stopped by a video-equipent store and brought a couple of screens, lots of videotape, an editing-kit and a video-cannon. This was mostly so that the cameraman The Bloodfists had brought from La Capa could film their raid on the weapon-storage at the military base.
When they all arrived at the base, Karnakk shouted at the two guards to move out of the way, and when they didn’t, he just drove through the re-inforced concrete block they used to control the vehicles going in and out. At the same time, two of Mako‘s men were dragracing with their trucks further back.
Karnakk drove Gamle Grimgor through a couple walls in the weapon-storage, and then proceded to start piling stuff on the trucks. Purple Breath used a forklift to speed up the process of loading up the cars, and was finished with his truck in a minute. What can we say, he’s savvy with the forklift.
There was a Sgt. Karsk there who tried to threaten Karnakk with a pistol, which Vincent shot out of his hand. This then initiated the shitstorm where 20 soldiers tried to stop The Marauders and The Bloodfists from taking the stuff, but lo’ and behold, the 0.40 cal cannons mounted on Gamle Grimgor pulverized them pretty easily.
Sgt. Karsk then proceded to stomp towards Vincent and tried to smack him in the face. He missed, and Vincent shot him through the thigh before Karnakk lumbers up behind Sgt. Karsk and slices him in half with his chainsword.
All the new troops coming in through the opening in the wall after Gamle Grimgor were killed by maching-gun fire, and The Bloodfists pack things up and leave quickly, and when they roll into a gas station the T-Unit offers to join The Bloodfists


Hey! glæmt awesome granaten da! men ellers awesome! :D

The Heist

Bare å skrive inn Awesome-granaten selv, hvis du føler for det :P

The Heist

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