Bloodfist's rampage

The revival

This session kicked off two weeks after The Showdown.
When we left Miro he was kneeling in front of a group of unkown kidnappers with a bag over his head.
This turned out to be assassin’s guild called The Feathers, rivalling the already established Assassins Guild in Los Imulus. After murdering one of Alto’s top assassin’s Miro was considered a prime subject for asssassin’s training. Two weeks later he is done with bootcamp and is ready to gather the group to find out for himself whether or not Karnakk is really dead, and to free the rest of the crew from their “unlawful imprisonment”.

Manny was on his way to the hospital, gravely hurt and popping steroid pills, with Twitch in his car.
While he went through two weeks of physical therapy, which accumulated a bill of 3000£, which he smartly put on the Katsuge-clan. Twitch left the hideout Manny had set up for him, and set up base in the Los Imulus sewers.

After the battle Clayton was driving into the sunset in a stolen police car, sad at the loss of his companions, and set on a new life on the “correct” side of the law.
Clayton enlisted in the army to get his life back on track, and before being drafted to Arkoshia he met a fair young wench, named Emily who fell deeply in love with him and proposed marriage during a minute of furious lovemaking. What happened in Arkoshia will stay in Arkoshia, but the result is undeniable. Clayton came back with unkown powers, and an unexplainable dragon tattoo. His wife had then left him for someone else. When we started our session he was in the office, to which he had been assigned due to his unexplainable injuries, considering the rapid changes in his life.

Some called this a miscarriage of justice, most called this in its place, as Vincent’s case was rocketed through the legal system. In two weeks he went through four trials, where he was able to reduce his punishment from the capital punishment to 18 times life imprisonment, wasting all the accumulated wealth the bloodfists had aquired.

Nia, Robert and Harold were all arrested and charged with terrorism. Harold Harris went through two weeks of exhausting legal procedures, but was cleared of all charges in the end and returned to his ordinary life.
A panel of experts made the statement that Nia was either clinically insane, or totally oblivious to her surroundings, based on which the courts sentenced her to court mandated emergency therapy.
Robert on the other hand, had few excuses and without the monetary backing of the bloodfists he was swiftly taken through the legal system and rapdily sentenced to be executed in two weeks.

Karnakk was presumed killed in action, but due to bureaucracy, Vincent’s trial and lack of government resources, Karnakk’s autopsy wasn’t performed until two weeks later… Then he wakes up as the autopsy is about to start.
The doctor wielding the bone-saw subsequently received a lone fist to the face, before a sweet young female doctor managed to calm the extremely confused Karnakk down.

In the meantime Miro was gathering the remaining crew.
Manny was working out doing his “physical rehabilitation” rutinue, when he spotted a familiar suit-clad halfling leaning in the doorway. Manny was quickly convinced into going after Karnakk’s body to make sure he was truly dead.
Clayton was much harder to convince, but due to the recent changes in his life, he saw nothing else to do and decided to tag along.

As Karnakk associated himself with life in prison, the first thing he noticed was the striking lack of snus. After offering a group of Orcs the very fair deal of snus in exchange for no “fist in face”, which they surprisingly refused, forcing Karnakk’s hand into the dealer’s face.
The group leader, Tyke Mison, an enormous half-ogre almost the size of Karnakk with a distasteful tribal tattoo around his left eye, was rather annoyed annoyed by this…
During the battle that ensued, Karnakk had a tearful reunion with the T-unit, where ShoePac ended it by killing Mison.
After this, Karnakk not only had a steady supply of snus, but also the willing service of the Bloodpaws which had been lead by Mison up to that point.

Back in Los Imulus, Miro, Manny and Clayton was driving down Anglostrada, when they noticed a huge newsreel warning the public of Karnakk’s revival.
After recovering from the shock of hearing these news, Miro, manny and Clayton started to form a plan to get their leader out. Miro hired a halfling lawyer, with questionable morals and even more questionable consumption of alcohol, who was also called Manny.

Meanwhile in prison, Karnakk was conspiring with other prison gangs to take out the Nazling gang in the prison. He also met four people who were, in his estimation, almost as big as him, three minotaurs, Mosu, Rato and Sune, the fourth being a dragonborn from Arkoshia named Belahk.
Vincent recovered Porkstocks who was allready presumed escaped from the prison, and scheduled to be executed on thursday (this was monday).

Lawyer Manny and Miro travelled to the prison, and under false identification Miro passed as a paralegal, he got to talk to Karnakk for a while, where he ensured Karnakk he would have Grimgor and all the stuff back, and even get him a new arm.

In the meantime the real Manny made Twitch order some equipment for his getawayplan, consisting of a Helicopter, some explosives, a sound recording and amplifier equipment, an adamantium arm with lasers, radar, remote control for grimgor, drywater, canned whores, inertia shield and a nova cannon.

As Miro returned, Manny went out looking for the same drugdealer he beat up to find a new dealer of steroids and LSD. The dealer reluctantly tells him about a gang that hangs out in an even shadier part of town than the docks. Manny met up with the gang, set up a deal with their leader, Tusk, where they would buy a year’s supply of steroids and a barrel of LSD later that week. Having no intention to pay this gang, Manny was happy to promise any payment they asked.

Back in Prison, Karnakk is gathering his troops and sets out to beat the crap out of the Halfling band. As a couple hundred elves and fifty orcs surround approximately twenty halflings, the halfling leader, kicks two molotov coctails with a flying split kick, setting his pants on fire, and challenges Karnakk to a fight.

The trio outside the prison now set out to save Nia from her incarcaration, everything goes smoothly until they get out of the mental institution, where they aredescended upon by a multitude of O3CU agents from all directions.

The showdown

This session took off from The Heist, with The Bloodfists at a gas station just after breaking out of the military base.
As Karnakk orders Miro to deliver Mako his promised 10% of the goods, Manny enters the store and buys Ass Ravagers 1-15 on video cassette, and steals chocolate as a warmup for his upcoming fight.
He then joins Miro as he travels to Los Imulus to compete in an underground fight league he signed up for.
Twitch assaults Manny with a frying pan, as he expected a member of the Greenbloods and gets knocked out and thrown headfirst into the trailer as a result. In the meantime, Miro successfully tricks Mako into believing the rest of the weapons will arrive shortly, but in reality the four other trucks are moving in the other direction with no intention of coming back.
Manny fights the worst fight of the year, but obtains the knockout of the night award as he obliterates Skallebank’s liver. His record is now 58-73 (57 KOs).
Miro shows up at the fight, wearing a tuxedo for the first time, Tatu is at the event, but does not spot his nemesis.
Nia saw trough a bluff for the first time in her life, as Karnakk attempted an obvious lie about where his medical equipment came from.
While completing a drug deal Miro spots a mysterious person from The Assassins Guild and gives chase, resulting in weapons being drawn and before executing the assassin, got information that Alto, the leader of The Assassins Guild had issued a hit on Karnakk. Miro was then abducted by men, presumably from The Assassins Guild.
Manny interrogated a drug dealer to find out where he would be able to get quality steroids, which may or may not have led to a dislocated or fractured jaw. He then got through a drug trade, with two weeks supply of steroids to the measly sum of £1000 and four bullets to the shoulder.

After barely convincing Nia he hadn’t stolen the drugs, he pointed her to Robert Porkstocks and his “lab”, to attempt making a more potent health draught. At which point, Robert gave her some sausages, with some “extra juice”…
Then all hell broke lose, as the police descended on the rest of the party in force.
ten police cars gave chase to the overloaded trailers, attempting to run them off the road, and in one case creating a barrier for Gamle Grimgor using their car. Facepalm…
After which a VTOL aircraft descended from the skies, shooting grappling hooks through two of the cars, including the engine of Gamle Grimgor forcing them to a stop.
As the VTOL lands and the police takes defensive positions, the guys rummage through their stash for the biggest, baddest and most devastating weapons they could muster. At which point Karnakk acquired the BFG, or a flack cannon to anyone else, and a high powered grappling hook. Vincent acquired a M82 sniper rifle, and Clayton found explosive shotgun slugs.
As shit hit the fan Bob Awesomecop exited the VTOL holding a grenade launcher, and bringing a platoon of special forces (O3CT).
In the massive gunfight, the T-Unit went down after a heroic effort, 7pac fought of seven of the O3CT using only a grinder, before being gunned down.
Vincent was brought down by a hornets-nest grenade after gunning down several enemies.
Karnakk, hallucinating, from the health recovery draft provided by Nia, thought the VTOL to be a dragon intent on eating him and his car, not a good idea for the dragon; As he gunned it down with his Content Not Found: BFG Karnakk took out several O3CT officers and landed a direct hit on Bob Awesomecop.
Clayton was killing off police officers left and right, his exploding slugs making the job a tad bit easier for him. Notable event: Killing a police officer with an intimidate check, after splatting his friend, giving him the nickname: “Deathtounge.”

After misfiring his BFG, Karnakk threw away the shell before it explodes, creating a big hole in Gamle Grimgor, and looks up at Bob Awesomecop who has a chain machete and is inviting Karnakk to a duel.
Karnakk then fires his hookshot, but Bob Awesomecop grabs a hold of the hook and pulls Karnakk towards him.

Picture the scene; With setting sun in the background of this desert highway, a wrecked VTOL on the right, a burning Grimgor on the left, Karnakk in mid-air as he makes a leap towards the gigantic Bob, with his burning Chainsaw. Bob at the ready with his chain machete. All this in silhouette.

They clash.
The earth shook.
In a split second.
A scream of pain.
An arm missing.
A burning chainsword lodged in an abdomen.
The fight is over…
Or is it?

Karnakk is left standing, leaves the throttle on as he sheathes his sword in Bob‘s vast stomach, and beats Bob with Karnakk’s amputated left arm in anger.
He walks back to Grimgor when three policemen attempt to apprehend him; he effortlessly knocks one out with his elbow, and takes two shots to the back, and finally falls to his knees coldly uttering his last words as he stares into the police officer’s soul… “I will be back”

Clayton finishes off the final police officers, goes to check on his comrades, and finds no pulse on Karnakk. As he turns around to were Bob Awesomecop was laying only a moment before, only the sword is left. He then escapes the scene in a police officer’s bloody clothes, a police car and a lone tear in the corner of his eye driving off into the sunset…

The Heist

The Bloodfists were tasked to go to the military facility 30 minutes from The Marauders’ hideout and bring back weapons of many kinds. They brought Gamle Grimgor and 5 more trucks. On the way to the military facility they stopped by a video-equipent store and brought a couple of screens, lots of videotape, an editing-kit and a video-cannon. This was mostly so that the cameraman The Bloodfists had brought from La Capa could film their raid on the weapon-storage at the military base.
When they all arrived at the base, Karnakk shouted at the two guards to move out of the way, and when they didn’t, he just drove through the re-inforced concrete block they used to control the vehicles going in and out. At the same time, two of Mako‘s men were dragracing with their trucks further back.
Karnakk drove Gamle Grimgor through a couple walls in the weapon-storage, and then proceded to start piling stuff on the trucks. Purple Breath used a forklift to speed up the process of loading up the cars, and was finished with his truck in a minute. What can we say, he’s savvy with the forklift.
There was a Sgt. Karsk there who tried to threaten Karnakk with a pistol, which Vincent shot out of his hand. This then initiated the shitstorm where 20 soldiers tried to stop The Marauders and The Bloodfists from taking the stuff, but lo’ and behold, the 0.40 cal cannons mounted on Gamle Grimgor pulverized them pretty easily.
Sgt. Karsk then proceded to stomp towards Vincent and tried to smack him in the face. He missed, and Vincent shot him through the thigh before Karnakk lumbers up behind Sgt. Karsk and slices him in half with his chainsword.
All the new troops coming in through the opening in the wall after Gamle Grimgor were killed by maching-gun fire, and The Bloodfists pack things up and leave quickly, and when they roll into a gas station the T-Unit offers to join The Bloodfists

Day 1
The start of this insane story

Day 1!
The Bloodfists borrowed a ton of money from Dagar “fingerklipp…” ehm; Dagar “nice guy”, bought Gamle Grimgor and got a mission to take out a guy owning a tire factory in Fredriksand.
They took out the guy, and his entire factory was collateral.
They also got their picture in the newspapers.


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